Synthesis 2007 
60 foot long vine of variable width wraps around room 10 x 18 x 18 feet. Installed in sun-room at Wave Hill, Glyndor Gallery. 
Acrylic ink on acetate, acrylic paint on acrylic sheets, vinyl coated wire, thread and rubber. 
The installation embodies the wild energy of growth.  The form of the sculpture is inspired by the way vines grow and by how the vines of climbing plants search for sustenance. I am interested in capturing the gesture of the plant, both the growth movement and the flow of water, air and fuel through the plant. Vines are like drawings in space, with lines of varying thicknesses. They search, adjust their growth to create more stable structures that are able to cantilever, reach and extend. I am impressed by the plants’ ability to reach and extend great distances as they seek a place to attach to be able to access sun, water and nutrients. Viewing microscopic images of the plants enabled me to appreciate the organic architecture of plant’s internal cellular structure.